“A penny for your thoughts”

Mighty price to pay for my priceless retrospect

But I decide to accept your gracious offer.

You ask me where I was heading; my response was “I don’t know”.

I think I’ve tripped somewhere back there by “keep going”

Tripping because they’ve told me where I should be, and make

sure I was dressed in sheeps clothing, since that’s the only way to be accepted.

Yet, I choose to dress scantily clad all for the name of scandal,

They didn’t understand that rebellion was my first name, middle name fuck and ending with

your rules.

Prefer to be naked if it makes them uncomfortable, making them squirm puts me in

paradise, because then I know we all can do that squirming dance.

Puzzled, you asked me what it was like being me

And I reply, “It was like drowning at sea, with your eyes open looking at beautiful blue waters”

 I could swim to the top with the rest, but I like my breath being taken away

You warn me that I shouldn’t waste it by holding it, when each breath becomes more costly

Taking advantage of each chance at respiration means it’s not appreciated

But I say I will buy myself some time, with this penny for my thoughts.