Sorry, so I know I am late! But I wish everything  had an AMAZING International Women’s Day. I was working on a few things yesterday, all while being sick 😦 But I thought I would post my poem about the strength of a WOMAN!


A woman owns many faces, many personalities

Some stronger than what is man-made on earth

While others, can crumble from mere soft breaths

Of words murmured into her ear.

What is stronger than one who creates life?

All while climbing out of the earth’s holes with acrylics

She has cuts on her fingers, but is able to nurse her own


Headstrong blue, heart pumps red, with thick veins and

Award winning skin, soft as silk, able to stop those in their

Tracks with beauty only worn by the one created to

Build that man into a king, even when she is treated less

Than a queen.

Herstory is repeated many times over, told by several voice octaves,

 and seen behind countless sad eyes

Whispers pillow her sadness and immerse her through serenity in dreary nights.

Walking her through this guiding light called life
To keep her freedom and be free from darkness, flying through colors on a starship,

no fear of falling because she knows His hands lay beneath her.


Thanks for reading, and viva the woman! ❤


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