Colors Never Change Like The Seasons: Poetry

In the spring, I would run through the sprinklers and see them watching to see if my color would change.  I felt free in their glances, not knowing that they were wishing to change me like the seasons, they thought that surely the sun rays mixed with water would wash away the brown flaw that was spread across my body.

But by summer time, I’d discovered that those stolen glances from bigoted thieves made me uneasy; my easily darkened skin could set fire to the edge of people’s comfort, as if the sun were setting their intelligence on fire. But I found solace in knowing that surely it was a struggle living with a small mind in such a big world, heated debates fed the cold-hearted in a way that kept them in neutral temperatures.

Autumn had a funny feel about it though. Made one forgive the trees, as it would eventually lose its leaves, much like the man would leave the earth, and another would grow in his place. Each time, in each place, replaced with new unfamiliar faces. Hopefully one’s that like to watch the new leaves grow, those leaves representing an open heart and an open mind.

That would prepare them for winter, when only holding hands can protect them from freezing hearts under the moon shine, and each man becomes every man, no longer fearing for the future but loving all the present, until we are all running through the sprinklers again and instead watching together for the seasons to change.


Racism In America-Sugar Covered Shit

Over 200 years away from the original birth of racism and segregation, a new day and age where man is smarter and more accepting to things that are different or taboo according to their belief’s or standards.


Racism is the bullshit that was dealt with in the past, and while it was ridiculous, inhumane, and unjust, it was in everyone’s face and hard to miss or misinterpret. But that was then. What about now? Are we really in a place where we can move forward in the name of progression from…

Sorry, I can’t say that we are in that place just yet.


Being the researching hound that I am, I read and research several stories on current events happening around the world. After I read or listen to the story on Trayvon, I scroll down to the comments being made by fellow Americans (and others) who have also stumbled across the story. I find it interesting to read how others feel about specific situations going on around the world…and each time I am disgusted, but not shocked. Most recently, I was listening to a news post on YouTube. See below to read some of the comments.

Interesting how we don’t hear these things being said in the streets, on the television or on the radio anymore, But the internet is a tool used to express the real live hatred felt within some of our neighbors. These are the people walking pass us in grocery stores, the ones sitting next to us in line at the light, the ones that we are greeting when we are in our place of work. These people go home, and they type hateful things on the internet and showcasing their real feelings of hate. Wonder how they would express themselves if they were exposed for who they really were? Like George Zimmerman, I am sure it is easier to walk around pretending that you are all about the people, happy to be equal, and promoting their one friend of a different race so they can’t be looked at as racist. But the truth of the matter is, racism is still very much prevalent in is just hidden under what I would like to call “sugar covered shit”.

The bigger issue is, when Black Americans unite under the pressure of injustice, then other America gets uncomfortable, and wants us to “get over it”. It’s sick! Just using the more recent and publicized tragedy of Trayvon Martin as an example, people rallying and speaking up for the young man who has lost his life has brought out the internet racists and unfair opinions of “celebrities”, IE Geraldo Riviera. It has really given me a moment to sit back and ponder on America, we are essentially the OPPOSITE of the land of the free. And although we can’t change the opinions of those individuals who would rather fill through soul with hate and the inability of forming an intelligent thought, we can continue to stick together and express love and acceptance within ourselves, which would include the LOVE we should feel, and the acceptance of changing when we know something is not right about us as a people, or the way we are being treated. Doing this could eliminate the superiority that other races seem to fill when it comes to our people. If we REALLY felt pride in ourselves, then we would be forcing others to treat us as equals in justice, opinions, and lifestyles…we have to stand up to those like the ones photographed to the left, not by arguing, but by standing together when times are great and when they are bad.

The way that the Black man views himself in these days and times is almost as bad as the silent racism that we incur in this Country. In the process of banding with others, we have surpassed the ability to connect with ourselves, our men and women. No respect for the home or the children that we breed together. When Black men and women look at White men and women and say “I prefer that over my own race because _________”, it helps fuel the outside hatred and personal hatred that is around us. Stop worshipping something that you will never be. Ever. Being an Uncle Ruckus will lead you down a path of people either laughing at you and feeling sorry for you. You will forever be a loser in this game of life, because the player you are choosing to be will not help you win.
I am not saying that you shouldn’t “date” outside of your race. What I am saying, is be honest with yourself. Be aware of your surroundings, and protect yourself and your family with knowledge and awareness. This will help reorganize unity within our communities, no matter where you are located.

Stop saying nigga, blood, or anything else that is derogatory towards us. That is the exact word that was used to degrade us.
Don’t accept negative culture. We were fundamentally re-created here in the United States, starting out as an unimportant “race” of people. For a lot of people, it is hard for them to accept us growing. We are not lesser than. Just because society expects us to be thugs, doesn’t mean we should be. Stop killing each other.
Redevelop the respect of family. Somewhere down the line, family has become unimportant. We need to lay a solid foundation, and raise children who will be a positive representation of us…only a solid foundation can build a solid home.

Racism will never go away, that is the reality. Stay strong in your convictions…and care about what is going on around you. Social awareness is self-awareness.

I lead this out with a quote from Malcolm X.
Taking away the color of skin, and focusing on the fact that we need to formulate the need for change is mandatory. If we don’t, we will always be considered the oppressed.

Freestyle Poetry

Sitting in my car after work, and said this into the voice memo feature on my iphone. Thought i’d share.

I wonder what it would be like to breathe without you

The thought, leaves me breathless.

And hopeless.

Trying to control my thought process.

Keep thinking that the price of living is priceless,

But the thought of laying without you for one night just

Leaves me in pain, no happiness.

Want my mind worry free.

Being alone is a scary thing.

Where Do The Ones With No Home Go?-Poetry

Where do the ones
with no home go?
Perhaps, living in
The ocean..
Putting out the dreams
that were set afire
and her tenacity
was blown away like ashes
blending with the sand.
Her only worry
Is ensuring life
To continue
to tomorrow.
Sharing footsteps
With the homeless
Endless walkways
Breaking down
Dry leaves.
Floating above the form
Of her body
As it shivers
From cold concrete.
The magic powder
takes her from earth,
to where the one’s
With no homes go.
On a cloud.
Walking through life alone
While floating through life
She’s home.

Justice For Trayvon

Millions of people have heard his name, and countless individuals have not been able to get him off of their mind since. The senseless murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is broth unjustified and criminal, yet the person who is responsible for this crime is still walking the streets? Why? Because of Justice has room for JUST-THEM.

To shake our heads and lick our emotional wounds of this is a crime to ourselves AND to Trayvon, and although there are at least hundreds of murders that happen monthly across our Country due to gang activity, greed, drugs, and other terrible reasons, the way that this case is being handled is a crime in itself, and should be acted upon accordingly.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was born on February 5, 1995, the son of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, making him 17 years old at the time of his death. Known as Tray or Slimm, Martin lived with his mother and older brother in Miami Gardens, Florida. He was a junior at Michael Krop Senior High, where he was an A and B student, and planned to go to college. He hoped to become an aviation mechanic. He was visiting his father in Sanford, Florida at the time of the incident. Martin had no criminal record.


During the halftime basketball game on TV, Martin left his father’s girlfriend’s home in the gated community of Twin Lakes to walk to a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store to buy some candy. While returning to the house, Trayvon was seen by George Zimmerman, an obviously crazy and dangerous neighbor “watch” who called 911.

According to T-Mobile phone records, Trayvon was talking on a cellphone at the time of the incident. Martin’s girlfriend came forward, identifying herself as the other person in that conversation; she was interviewed by an attorney, who has made a statement, and her parents have requested her anonymity. The girl stated that Martin expressed concern about a “strange man” following him, and she advised him to run. She claims to have heard Martin say “What are you following me for?” followed by a man’s voice responding “What are you doing here?” She stated that she heard the sound of pushing and that Martin’s headset suddenly went silent, leading her to believe that he had been knocked down. She attempted to call him back immediately, but was unable to reach him.

While on the  phone with 911, Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher to STOP FOLLOWING TRAYVON, and yet he did not do as told. In fact, he confronted the teen who was SIMPLY WALKING DOWN THE STREET!? How was he a threat to anyone?

I guess I can say that this incident weighs heavily on me. Our men are killed so senselessly. With all of the gang violence, drugs and addiction, racism and bigotry, it shows that there is no regard for human life anymore. Although it is not shown on widespread news, there is hundreds of murders happening month country-wide in Urban areas, and to me it is sad. I guess we can tell ourselves that it can’t be changed, but I believe that it can be changed…lets start with putting our foot down for Trayvon and his family.

Want to help?

Rock your hoodie!

This is a petition that needs to be signed in order to push prosecution of George Zimmerman

Check out your facebook page to see how else others are helping in your area. There are plenty of rallies going on across the states!

“I want to swim deep inside your smile,
and use your sunshine to light the darkness created by the earths sinning souls”

Rambling Poet #4

Out of nowhere I see
brown boots with black shoe laces.

Tied up like feelings from
distant remembrance,
me watching those boots walk away.

Slave to a random thought,
That is the smell of your hair.
I remembered you.
Even when I didn’t want to.

Why The Dog Howls At The Moon

Why dogs howl at the moon

Unreachable as it shines though the canines eyes
His wander expanded when the large orb brightens the sky
Wonder if the moon would take him away if it hears the dogs cry?
Sure that no one would notice him floating into the night,
He raced through desert sand knowing he’d take flight
Yet After minutes of running with his feet still landed on ground
He halted in place, dipped in sudden depression because he then realized he’d never be found.
He’s stuck on the earths soil instead of watching down below with King moon, lighting the dark
That fact caused the dog to lay down, knowing that he had to end his life, soul bound
to leave his flesh with the rest of the planet and get to the moon, so he too can have his soul crowned
And watch the earth from the skies.