Guess I’ll go on eating the morsels of my reality. I’m thinking I could choke, because each bite sure does get harder to swallow.
Internally I’m fighting with pandemonium, falling into the pitfalls of what has ended us.  I can’t stop throwing your words in the fireplace, I enjoy watching them burn into ash through the chimney.
Metaphoric how your mouth blows fire and burn lies through my mind.
And as the sky clears, the truth is obvious. I begin to release a slow and agonizing sadness.
I wonder what lies underneath your lies, when you lay them into the comfort of my truth?
Truth is,
I’m full from the pieces of broken heart sitting in the pit of my stomach.






Can’t catch me!

My frown is my protection from

the expectations of happiness.

But you keep trying to pull me from behind

My safety.

Don’t you know that me hiding behind the moon

Keeps the sun from out of my eyes?