Heart And Mind/A Divided Partnership


A divided partnership

-My mind is this relationships backbone

-Putting the abuse into perspective

-I love him, my heart broken with actions

-but mended with words

-Skipping a beat when I hear the beat of your ringtone

-You’ve walked on me for the last time

-Your fabricated words of love so heavy, trying to crack my hearts shield

-But not with those unloving actions administering this experience

-Each touch feels like silk, nothing can replace this exciting

-anxiety as it hits me in speeds like going through a wind tunnel.

-A part of me feels cheated, left with nothing to show but gray hairs

and my thoughts.

-My mind is this relationships backbone.

-My heart is this relationships cheerleader.

-Dancing, bouncing across walls. My picture perfect family

With too many blemishes.

-My heart, my mind, a divided partnership.

-With each thought moving me forward

-Each heart beat moving me backward

-A twisted dance created by insecurity masked in contentment


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