The morning after

Sun-kissed skin heated from the rays reflecting in the window pane;

Or, is it the wind of the cold air that I feel?

Conflicting temperatures created from assorted emotions

Volcanic eruptions blazing in the middle of Iceland

You melt me.

The morning after the night before

You touched my mind, with nothing but your eyes.

And that commanding glare brought my power

To its knees.

Skipped heartbeats and the skies fallen tear drops

 Wheels are spinning

Dizzy when I try to shake the feeling

The morning after the night before

The loud noises muted, your words cause the

Worlds bickering to be silenced

By the wave in your whispered affection

Drowning sorrows of mine

Into your lake of unwavering passion.

The morning after the night before

Swollen hair follicles from strands

Constantly standing at attention

Under the dark night, as you pressed against

The small of my back where

You felt me.