Friends and Benefits

From the start rapture was playing

Vision recalled from closed eyelids

Wanting ignited from between my thighs

In heavy force.

Dry finger tips embrace my moisture

Tracing upward, circling my navel

as last breaths escape me in repeat.

Biting my lip as you nibble on my thigh

that love pain has me doing my time

as you imprison me to

my own pleasure prison

That thing that you do puts my climax in zoom.

And when you get me heated, man does it

Cripple me, paraplegic for a moment of bliss

Though, I’m not trying to escape you.

Your love like a quintessential narcotic

Addicted has become my name

Can’t take this dope away from me.

Moaning confessions of defeat with every ooh ahh

baby and don’t stop

Throwing my head back, I throw in my white flag.

See, now I know where the love drops fall

liquid feelings coming from my body

You look up at me, I surrender.


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