Society Killed The Dream

Society Killed The Dream

I tried to figure out what was wrong…
I closed my eyes, and I searched…and searched. Then BAM! There it was!
Society killed the dreams
Looking into the eyes of my brother
I ask you,
What happened to the dream?
Killed by the illusionists in the television
The voices on the radio
Taking away the role model for our young men
Their eyes watching, seeing that society killed
the dream
White women being the new Black mans
Internal bleaching cream
You look down on me, your sister
When we were carried from the same ancestral womb.
Why be my enemy?
When we are fighting the same fight
but you can’t be a soldier
Whilst your pants sag low to the ground
Lets face it.
Society killed the dream.
Replaced with simulation, tattoos of ice cream
cones across your face
Displaying your lack of evolvement
All for the sake of that temporary gratification
from others with the same amount of sciolism.
While our past men envisioned that we too
would be standing on our tippy toes, saying to the people
“You going to notice me”..
I am your equal.
you are going to hear me. I am talking to you.
Never guessing that the standing is replaced with limps
Left side heavy with the gun you are toting
Just in case you have the shoot your brother, the one
with the same history as you.
In the mist of the the ultimate Black war.
Society killed the dream.

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