Finally moving away from the land of stagnation.
Steady going. hands free.
I am free.
Those barriers had me crippled.
They will remain nameless.
Can let my mind breathe.
I’m like a newborn
First feel of the wind.
Blowing me into the correct direction
This new land accepts everything in
earths creation.
I am free.


Journal Entry

Hello Blog.

If you’re reading this, I am glad. But if you’re not then that is okay, I just wanted to share a little bit of the accumulated writing that I have been doing today. Bad shit makes me think. I don’t usually react on it, not outwardly anyway. I’ve putting all kinds of weird stuff on paper but I thought that this song would sum up exactly what I have been thinking.



Thank you for sharing this with me, stranger.


The Beauty And Ugly Of Homosexuality


It is a word and lifestyle that is both demonized and misunderstood by the abundance of Countries around the world. So shunned upon that people tell themselves that it is sometimes okay to beat, harrass, and even kill other human beings for participating in such acts of abomination. Religions around the world, small and large, will tell you that a woman and a woman or even worse- a man and a man- being in sexual or romantic relationships is simply wrong no matter who you may pray to. And with so many different acts of sins performed in several different types of ways, I had to sit down and really think about why as humans feel we are so almighty and pure that we can tell another individual how to what makes them feel happy or normal? I hear everyday about how someone doesn’t agree with “gays” and how they don’t understand it…but what’s not to understand about attraction and love?

Let’s start from the beginning: Development of human thoughts and beliefs:

If we look at it from the perception of science, the function of the human brain consists of 6 areas. To put them easily they would be:

  • The direct reaction to a sensor signal
  • The instinctive response to an inherited pattern, usually associated with danger or food
  • The development of  sensory memory and comparison
  • The ability to imagine
  • Conscious thought, awareness of identity
  • The most painful and disputed- Intelligent thought

From birth we are bred with the ability to use our brain with the above 6 sensors. Although I do not believe that one can FULLY understand the process of the human mind, I find it interesting that how we grow and where we grow can curve our thought processes. From what we eat, how we speak, to what we believe in. It is pretty much programmed into us unless you are that small percentage that falls into the taboo characteristic of believing in or doing something that is not understandable by the surrounding population. I believe that from birth a human brain develops the conscious thought and awareness of the sexuality in which the body to will react to sexual desires or love. We will create a very common scenario: Greg and Felicia, both heterosexual, Christian, and working class adults bear a child together. Upon birth of the child, whom we will name Michelle, is taught the values and morals of Christianity from the church, the sins of the bible, and the importance of family and marriage. When Michelle grows into being a teenager, she knows that there is something that is different about your wants, what her body reacts to, which is seeing a woman and being attracted to her.  But since she comes from a home that would not allow anything other than what has been taught to her, she chooses to withhold her natural feelings to ensure that she is not chastised or disregarded from the family she has grown from and loves. If Michelle’s body reacts to another woman, even with the fear she feels from her family and public, then it must be a naturally developed reaction embedded in her from birth, right? Why would they deal with the terrible, horrible, judgmental, and unmoral reactions from around the world? With constant bashings from kids and adults alike why wouldn’t they fit into the “normal stereotype” and just be heterosexual? They can’t.

The Beauty

The beauty in homosexuality is it shows that there is love in all shapes and forms placed on this earth, and that we humans are having our tolerance tested for people. Human desire and love has a power so forceful that no matter what your sexuality, it will someday overwhelm you. And if it doesn’t, you would be living a very sad life. Love is to be cherished, when its real and it exists. Imagine feeling that love that is so great, the love that brings tears to your eyes and makes your heart flutter? When you kiss the person you love, do you feel regret? Or shame? No. As you shouldn’t. No matter what anybody thinks, it doesn’t stop what moves you. . I can honestly say that when you find someone that you trust and can be a true friend to, you shouldn’t have to control how you feel about them because of who or what they are.  So many people are damaged simply because their own family wont show them that they are loved, unconditionally. Which to me, is extremely sad. I will forever love my child no matter who he or she decides to hold hands with, or kiss, or be excited about seeing. If that makes me a sinner then that is what I am..I know that my God is a forgiving God, and if I am doing anything wrong he knows that I am here to fulfill my purpose to mankind and that my heart is good, so therefore that is the my life’s beliefs and practices. It would be great if everybody thought the same way, but they don’t.

I wrote this not because I want you to wear rainbow shirts or change your lifestyle, but to be aware of what you say and how you view someone else’s. Never should we judge someone’s character based on who they love, but how they love because at the end of the day, we all have to answer that call and I am pretty sure we all have a few things to ask forgiveness for.

Friends and Benefits

From the start rapture was playing

Vision recalled from closed eyelids

Wanting ignited from between my thighs

In heavy force.

Dry finger tips embrace my moisture

Tracing upward, circling my navel

as last breaths escape me in repeat.

Biting my lip as you nibble on my thigh

that love pain has me doing my time

as you imprison me to

my own pleasure prison

That thing that you do puts my climax in zoom.

And when you get me heated, man does it

Cripple me, paraplegic for a moment of bliss

Though, I’m not trying to escape you.

Your love like a quintessential narcotic

Addicted has become my name

Can’t take this dope away from me.

Moaning confessions of defeat with every ooh ahh

baby and don’t stop

Throwing my head back, I throw in my white flag.

See, now I know where the love drops fall

liquid feelings coming from my body

You look up at me, I surrender.

My mama said

You know, My mama never told me there would be days like this.

In fact, she used to tell me “Baby, you are beautiful.  Your skin is the color

of kings and queens alike, your father from the land of colors, with pyramids and

camels frequent like stars in the sky”

Nah, she wasn’t that poetic. But she told me my beauty ran skin deep.

Contradictory to the outrage to my color shown on these streets

That black bitch with the attitude, oh no! not me. Not she. Maybe?

Maybe they have me confused with the black they see in the mirror

covered by sheer white sheets in order to cover their black soul.

See, my black soul is nothing like theirs. Nothing short of astounding.

Striking, extraordinary

Not YOUR ordinary Black.  Bitch with the attitude.

My mama, see..she never told me there would be people like you.

She told me “Dont be mad at the world baby, they don’t know no better. Their mind

is filled with wind and air that never changes with the seasons”

Nah, she wasn’t that poetic. But,  she did say that they are small-minded, downplaying

my beauty to comparison of brown paper bags and crayons.

Don’t they know that this beauty here is chocolate candy?

but wont melt in your mouth or in your hands.

I’m not your Black bitch with the attitude.

“Damn baby, you sexy for a dark-skinned girl”

Sorry boo, that pseudo compliment wasn’t meant for me

Cause my mama said Baby, you are beautiful.  Your skin is the color

of kings and queens alike, your father from the land of colors, with pyramids and

camels frequent like stars in the sky”

Nah, she wasn’t that poetic.


Art is about pushing boundaries and expression. Not disrespect. This short poem is about understanding and looking deeper than the words that are spoken. I hope that I can bring that out of you as you read this. Enjoy.

Building nations of Islam in my church of Christianity

Haraam runs through you like atheists without spirituality

See love defined as a profoundly tender passionate affection

With promises of the heavens in the sky above

Your love is controversial like discussions with Jehovah’s’ witnesses

My heart broken down like the twin towers

As you pull on my puppet strings like the GOP does Barack Obama

like hurricane Katrina, tearing down my infrastructure.